Press Release, and a story
Press Release, and a story

First off, the press release is up on Keenspot – Go check it out!!

Secondly, let me tell you about the evening I had. It’s a doozy. (If you’re faint of heart or weak of stomach, you may not want to read any further. Just saying.)

* * *

I was on my way to the can, book in hand. No one was home, and I was looking forward to a nice long read on the john before I settled down to drawing some comics. I gave the handle flush to clear it out, and instead of the usual gurgling noise, I heard an ominous burbling…

I watched in horror as water started leaking out of the bowl, and had the presence of mind to snatch the rug out of the way before the water touched it. Then, I stood watching it cascade across the linoleum. I tried not to gag. I succeeded. (Barely)

As I watched the water flow, I numbly tried to recall what to do in this situation. Sure, I’ve fixed clogs before. That’s easy. But rebellious toilets were something I hadn’t had to deal with before. In fact, the only useful thing that my brain could come up with was, “Hey, you’ve totally seen this happen on the Sims… There’s a funny little “WAH-wah” noise, and then the Sims freak out and you have to get them to clean it up with a mop…”

I paused. I shrugged. I grabbed a mop.

The Sims never covered bailing out a toilet with an empty milk jug so that the plunger doesn’t spill even more filth on the floor, nor the necessity of balancing on the bathroom scale while you do so, so that you don’t dip your toes in the heavily bleached floor. But the basic logistics were there, and I managed to get everything cleaned up with minimal exasperation, though my hygiene bar suffered terribly.

News: Posted July 30th, 2008 by Alina