Sketch Friday: Half-elven ranger
Sketch Friday: Half-elven ranger

Happy Friday, everyone!

Thhis week’s sketch is a commission of a D&D character. I was given very few details to go get me started on this one – basically, just the description; “a female half-elven ranger, merlin animal companion, with a ‘tough, ready for anything’ attitude”. Thus, the long leather jerkin and rough, fur-lined cloak, perfect for adventuring in a variety of climates. I also gave her two weapons to show that she is equally comfortable fighting with finesse or getting in close and fighting dirty. I heard back that the commissioner liked this detail so much, he ended up rebuilding her to reflect that, which is quite a high compliment if I may say so myself. 🙂

News: Posted September 9th, 2011 by Alina

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  1. jedifanatic Says:

    I do always enjoy your sketches. Makes me wish you could do one of my characters, specifically a tiefling paladin/rogue/shadow dancer. It is a really fun build that is surprisingly self-sufficient

    Posted September 9th, 2011 at 2:13 am
  2. Dru Says:

    I just wanted to thank you for the sketch you did in the back of vol. 1 of your book a friend purchased for me at SDCC ^_^ The group is all gothed out and ready to go clubbing – it was absolutely perfect and I love it!
    Let me know if you want me to scan a copy and email it to you.

    Posted September 9th, 2011 at 3:47 pm
  3. Randomgeek Says:

    Thhis character’s big sword kind of looks like a supersized assassin’s sword. Kind of makes me think of Crystal’s sword in OOTS.

    Posted September 9th, 2011 at 4:12 pm
  4. Dan Genesis Says:

    You know, I’ve alreas wanted to know what a big music geek’s inner geek would look like. Probably because I am a big music geek.

    Posted September 10th, 2011 at 1:17 am
  5. Adaon Says:

    Beautiful! Reminds me of a LARP-Character i once met..

    Posted September 10th, 2011 at 2:30 pm
  6. KenderBryant Says:

    Aaahhh! A new MHS page (even though it’s posted here). YAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAA!

    Posted September 12th, 2011 at 12:37 am
  7. Asa Says:

    Does this mean that MooseHead Stew might be resuming soon? I’ve been really hoping that you will have time to get back to drawing that comic strip.

    Posted September 12th, 2011 at 9:11 am
  8. Anna Says:

    I really like your drawings; I wish I was that good! If you ever want to go crazy and draw a gaming-group of call of cthulhu in space (!) just send me a e-mail 😉

    Posted September 16th, 2011 at 8:15 am