The 501st
The 501st

I’m sure the 501st would never actually stampede anyone. All of the members of the 501st have been uniformly helpful and wonderful people. But, I had an urge to draw a herd of Stormtroopers, so here we are. :p

News: Posted January 21st, 2014 by Alina

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  1. bbloxlssd Says:

    the question is, would stormtroopers keep their hands off a crowd surfing lady?

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 4:45 am
  2. Freq Says:

    No, we would help her attain maximum distance and velocity while assisting in said surfing.

    Can’t feel $&@% through those gloves anyway.

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 5:15 am
  3. Chaki Says:

    That was no kilt 😀 it was a Kama!

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 6:26 am
  4. MerchManDan Says:

    Considering Abbie was dressed as Pinkie Pie yesterday – in comic time, *a few minutes ago* – I’ve clearly underestimated her commitment to cosplay. Srs bsns indeed.

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 6:35 am
  5. Diogo Says:

    Good answer Chaki. Everyone knows that some of the finest members of the 501st keep the mandalorian culture alive (the true mandalorians, not the thing George Lucas put in his animated Clone Wars series)

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 8:25 am
  6. gnrrrg Says:

    What MerchManDan said. Is she changing mid-conversation?

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 9:31 am
  7. Crudnik Says:

    Considering the stormtrooper’s aim trampling may be their most effective attack!

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 9:33 am
  8. I may be responsible for the kilted stormtrooper. My wife and I got married at the Texas Renaissance Festival several years ago. We were encouraging people to come in costume, and one of my friends – a member of the 501st – said he’d be wearing his stormtrooper uniform since it was a formal occasion. My wife was nearly apoplectic upon hearing the news. In order to save her day, I loaned him my kilt and asked him to wear it for the ceremony, even if he was TK 2965 the rest of the time. He showed up that morning wearing the stormtrooper outfit. Changed into the kilt for the wedding ceremony. While we were waiting, I made a wisecrack about him being a regimental trooper. His eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. Later that afternoon, once the ceremony was completed, we saw this:

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 10:19 am
  9. Marcel Says:

    Don’t we all get the urge to draw a herd of Stormtroopers every now and then?

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 12:37 pm
  10. WillyDJ Says:

    They cant see a thing in those helmets.

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 1:56 pm
  11. Eviljames Says:

    I’ve seen the kilted Stormtrooper at Gencon on more than a few occasions. The one I’ve seen is different from the one in R Hans Miller’s picture though so there may be more than one.

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 3:34 pm
  12. SnugglyEvil Says:

    I love this comic!! I laughed so hard because a friend of mine is in the Kilted Trooper Bridage. Fife and drum Stormtroopers!

    Posted January 21st, 2014 at 4:57 pm
  13. FSilvermane Says:

    The 501st comes to Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Tampa,..a few years back they joined the Parade and when one of my friends [who is a piper] saw this he grabbed 2 Cheater Kilts [the ones with velcro] from the kilt booth a friend owned,…ran up the the first two in the line, wrapped the kilts around their waists, then proceeded to “lead them” while playing “The Imperial March” on the Bagpipes. To this day anytime the 501st shows up there are a few in Kilts and my friend will always lead them in the parade playing “The Imperial March”.

    Posted January 22nd, 2014 at 2:25 am
  14. Mjoellnir Says:

    Didn’t you mean to write “so here they are”? 😀 And it’s cute how you replaced Batman and Wonder Woman with Batgirl in the next comic.

    Posted January 22nd, 2014 at 7:34 am
  15. bbloxlssd Says:

    Posted January 22nd, 2014 at 1:22 pm
  16. Patrick Says:

    Posted January 24th, 2014 at 6:36 am
  17. Wynni Says:

    Misty? awww, n here I thought she was doing Penny from Inspector Gadget.

    Posted January 24th, 2014 at 11:50 am
  18. NastySasquatch Says:

    OK, if your only going to show abbies cosplay in 1 fram and more than partially scrunched up…

    Please a guide… a guide…

    Posted January 28th, 2014 at 2:44 pm
  19. gnrrrg Says:

    Feb 3 – the awkward zone is the greatest thing ever. I would love for people to give me space like that at a con.

    Posted February 3rd, 2014 at 9:23 am