Vintage Games

Konnichiwa! Today’s comic is by the world-travelling, karaoke-singing Jeff Ellis, of Teach English in Japan. He is also the President of Cloudscape Comics, which is an AMAZING group of indie-comic artists based out of Vancouver. Having spent a few wonderful afternoons playing games at the Storm Crow Tavern with Jeff, I can say that vintage … Read more


Les Schtroumpfs

Today’s comic is by the most dapper and excellent gentleman I know, Jonathan Dalton, who draws just ALL of the comics. (A Mad Tea Party, In the Hall of the Octopus, and The Legend of Bold Riley: The Talking Bone, to name just a few!) I very much enjoy how blas√© the group is as … Read more


Table Flip!!

Today’s comic is by the incomparable Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties and Geebas on Parade. It seems that any time Jennie and I wind up at a con together, random hijinks (like getting lost in San Francisco and then finding a magical night garden with roses and swings and then romping around like fairies) … Read more