Artist’s Editions Sketches

April 6, 2009

Hey all!!

Somebody asked recently what Artist’s Edition sketches look like. So, I figured I’d show off one of the ones I did recently while I’m recovering from ECCC. (Actually, when this post goes up, I’ll still be on the road BACK from Seattle, so for me, the con won’t even really be over yet!!)

Anyway, these sketches are no little scribbles on the inside page. No sir, they are fully inked, full-figure drawings! They take up the whole back cover, and they are all unique. I’ve never done two the same. (Though, I suppose I would, if someone really wanted…) And I take requests! Got a favorite character you want drawn? Let me know!

Already got an Artist’s Edition? Show it off in the forums!! Scan ’em in, and let people see your own unique sketch! Heck, I’d be glad to see them again… I remember most of the ones I’ve drawn, but I bet there’s a few out there that I’ve forgotten about and would be all surprised to see again. It’s always fun to go, “Woah, hey… I did draw that, didn’t I?”

Anyway, talk to you all later once I’m back home!


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