April 25, 2012

Hey Weregeeks! I’m switching it up this week to give us some breathing room between last chapter (though regular updates will continue tomorrow), which was one of the longest to date, and the next chapter, which will have some heavy plot in it. So, here is something very silly to cleanse all of our palates, and to get all of the Alberta Weregeeks excited for Calgary Expo this weekend, at which the ENTIRE original cast of TNG will be in attendance.

You have no idea how happy this makes me. Few shows cause me to get such a kick of nostalgia as this one. Hum a few bars of the opening theme to TNG, and suddenly I’m twelve again, lying on my grandma’s orange shag rug with a glass of ginger ale and aware that I’m staying up way past my bedtime but who cares, because it’s STAR TREK TIME!!!!! And while I know I’ll be too busy at my booth to go and line up for photos with the cast, just the idea of being in the same room as them makes me kind of giddy.

Also, there will be transporters at the show. And you can beam up your friends. HOW COOL IS THAT?????????

These sketches are just preliminary sketches, but I’m hoping to have a version of this available as a limited edition print at the show! So, if you are lucky enough to be stopping by the Expo, I’ll be at booth 1122. Come on by and geek out with me!!


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