May 20, 2011

When I first started Weregeek, I had never really drawn a background before. Oh, sure, I’d played around with perspective before in my drawing classes, but it was always a terrifying, foreign thing – more akin to math than to art.

However, because I’m slightly crazy and stubborn as a mule,  I made myself a promise that I would hand draw all of the backgrounds for Weregeek, and that I would make an effort to try out new and interesting angles, details, and etc.

Except for a few occasions where I realized that the background I’d drawn didn’t quite fit into the time I’d scheduled myself to finish the comic, I have never regretted this decision. I actually find backgrounds fun to draw now, something I’d never even considered was possible when I was younger. (Backgrounds, I reasoned, were work.)

These are a few of my background/color studies that I did sometime last year, just to test out a few things.  (Oh, yeah, did I mention that at the same time I’d also promised myself to do this comic in full color, something I’d never done before at the time? Remember what I was saying about me being crazy and stubborn? Yeah, it’s a special mix… ^^;)


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