September 12, 2008

A few summers ago, a bunch of us headed out to a lake just out of town. We’d been planning the trip for weeks, and it was going to be great – we were going to go to the beach, get some sun, sit around the campfire and sing geeky songs (and Irish folk songs. Lots of Irish folk songs). All of the great camping stuff.

We got out to the lake just ahead of a thunderstorm. There was barely enough time to rig together a series of tarps over our tents and picnic table before the rain really started. Cold, shivering and wet, we huddled together at the picnic table and tried to get a fire started.

It was a miserable half hour, until one of the guys looked up and said, “I, uh.. I’ve got some D&D books in the car.” Then, it was fantastic.


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