New forum is up!

September 24, 2008

Hey everybody!! Great news – the new forum is up!! Check it out here, or click on the forum link at the top of the page!! The old forums will still be accessible through a link in the new forums, but I’d ask that no one posts there any further. After all, the new forums are better and easier to use! We have an entire section devoted to gaming, as well as a forum for the members of the Geek Armada on Star Pirates, so there’ll be plenty of things to geek out about!

Also, a special notice to Saskatoon Weregeeks who are looking to save on shipping –  Weregeek : The Geek Within is now available in stores across Saskatoon. Look for it at 8th Street Books & Comics, Amazing Stories, and at The Dragon’s Den. Edmonton Weregeeks can still find copies of it at Happy Harbor Comics, or can get a copy from me in person at the Pure Speculation Festival this October!


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