Pure Spec – Attack of the 50-foot Spec!

October 1, 2008

Hi everyone!! I’ve been invited to be a guest at this year’s Pure Speculation festival!

Pure Speculation is Edmonton’s only sci-fi and fantasy convention, and they’ve thrown in a dash of tabletop gaming just to up the geek quotient! If you never been to Pure Spec before, this is the year to go – they have got some fantastic guest lined up, and they’ve introduced a few new events – including the IRON GEEK bake-off. Saturday night is a the infamous Costume Shindig, which I’m planning on dressing up for!

I will be on a panel called “The Wonderful World of Webcomics”, where I will talk about what goes into making Weregeek.

I will also be hosting a Shadowrun game – featuring the characters from my Shadowrun storyline! Yes, that’s right. You want to play Twitch or Aeon? You’ve got it. Just send me an email to book a space and book fast – there are only five spaces available, so if do you sign up, please be sure that you can make it out!!

Shadowrun tabletop RPG
Sunday, October 18
10:00 am – 1:30 pm

Player slots:

Aeon – OPEN
Solace – OPEN
Myers – OPEN
Twitch – OPEN
Lenny – OPEN


Comic Storylines

Chapter 09