Happy holidays, everyone! Like I said before, I’ll be taking the next few weeks off for my Xmas holidays and comics will begin again in the new year. For now, I’ve been drawing a series of sketches that I’m calling Christmas Cosplay! It’s our cast dressed as various winter-themed characters. This one is Sarah as The White Witch from the Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. That costume is SO BEAUTIFUL, and it seems like a role Sarah would love to play 🙂

Hey everyone!! Thanks for sticking with me through a long and intense chapter. Chapter 17 has wrapped, and rather than start something new, I’m going to take my usual 2 weeks off for Christmas. I’ll be running sketches and some other fun surprises over the holiday weeks, though, so please check back!

We’ll start a new chapter in the New Year! 2020!!!

Wonder if she’s watching The Mandalorian?

They can stay in your head for years

Baby Mark is very cute.