Actually, the surprising thing about the Winter Court meeting is that anyone is visible. While Sorrow is the emotion of the court, they also have a reputation for hiding and sneakiness that can even eclipse that of Autumn, the Court of Fear.

A common joke at my Changeling LARP is that the empty room is where all the Winter Courtiers are meeting. 😛

SO MUCH GEN CON PREP!! Regular updates will continue tomorrow through Friday, but for now, I need a days’s breathing space to get the last of the stuff prepared for Gen Con.

Also, you guys get a picture of a vampiric giraffe. Because who doesn’t need a vampiric giraffe on a Wednesday?

Abbie’s character thinks she’s a comedian, but she really just CRASHED and BURNED!

(Yes, I’m fired.)

* * *

I will be at BOOTH 641 at Gen Con this year, with a whole TON of awesome comics people! I’m going to have a bunch of new shirts, prints, and coloring books available, so if you’re one of the lucky gamers who will be at Gen Con this year, come on by and say hello!

Gen Con 2015 copy

Why bother with flavour text when you can just spend 2 XP? (Seriously, tho. PLEASE bother with the flavour text. It is what makes Changeling so much fun!)

This is a repost, since I originally sketched this during a Christmas break, but I figured it was especially relevant now. These are early concepts for a very different Motley idea I had – an all Winter Court Motley. Winter Court’s emotion is sorrow, and they deal with themes of loss, detachment and hiding in plain sight. In this early incarnation, Sarah was playing a haughty Fairest Draconic, Joel a Jack-Frost-esque Wizened Chatelaine, and Ravenia (who didn’t end up playing in the Changeling game after all!) a Darkling Razorhand.

I eventually dropped these ideas because a) I didn’t want Sarah to always play pretty, haughty characters and b) Ravenia’s character was a little too much like Abbie’s Vampire character, Talon. (Leather jacket and claws, much?) Joel as a Chatelaine still works, I think, and I quite like his spindly-legged design, but alas, it was not to be either. His (literally) star-crossed lover character hasn’t come up yet in the current Changeling storyline, but I can’t wait until it does. Seeing him play a more romantic character will be a big change from his usual conniving!