It is my birthday, which means sushi, video games, and bird cuddles from my cockatiel, Meg!

Happy Halloween, everyone!! As you might know from years past, Halloween is absolutely my favorite holiday. (Christmas is, of course, a close second due to the joy of seeing my family again, but it goes to the number two slot for not giving me the opportunity to stock up on costuming supplies for the next year :p )

And since I love it so much, (and I couldn’t quite compact the poem into two weeks without leaving out some vital scary bits!!) you all get FIVE comics this week instead of four! ENJOY!!

I will say that next week will start off with a sketch, since Monday is my birthday and my present to myself is a day off to go and muck around in the woods chasing birds. (And, if it’s raining, it will be a literal muck!) However, the next chapter will start on Tuesday, and we’ll be catching up with the gang at the gaming store, as well as learning more about the Changeling LARP that’s been hinted at! See you all next week, and I hope that you all have a very spooky day. :)

Clever readers will notice that there’s a stanza missing in today’s comic. That is because, while I dearly love every line of this poem, some editing was required to make it all fit into nice, neat, little 4-panelled comic instalments.

Don’t worry, though- said curtains will still be purple ;p

Man, coloring that first panel nearly killed me, but I think it was worth it. :) (Also, it is chock full of hidden references that amused me to draw – see if you can spot a few!)

For those who have been asking, yes, that IS Joel playing the role of Poe’s narrator, and Sarah playing Lenore.

Hey everyone!!

Halloween’s almost here, and that means it’s almost time for our annual Halloween storyline!! This year, I’ll be illustrating one of my favorite poems, “The Raven”, by Edgar Allan Poe. I’ll also be trying out a bit of a new style, which I’ve already been having a lot of fun with!!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy it! This story will run until Oct. 31, and our new chapter will begin on November 3! (Which also happens to be my birthday! Yay, I made myself a shiny new chapter for a present!)

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