Regardless of what Victor is actually playing, I imagine that this or this are on endless repeat in Abbie’s head.

Hi everyone! I’ve been super-busy getting ready, but I wanted to let you know I’m going to be at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON this weekend!


I’m all set to draw commissions, plus I’ll have the entire Weregeek book collection for sale! I’ve also got brand new Weregeek merchandise (2 new t-shirts, a D&D/Edward Gorey mashup poster, and a coloring book!), not to mention the usual collection of geeky buttons, hand-made dice jewelry, art prints, and more!

You can find me here, at booth 610! Come say hi!

* * *

Also, please do keep discussing this latest turn of events in the comments :)

That was certainly a thing that just happened there!

To be fair, pink is not an entirely foreign color at goth clubs. It is the new orange, after all.

Mark this is a bad idea. Though points for a goth-themed pickup line, I suppose?