IC Drama happens in the IC room, OOC drama happens in the OOC room. Drama lighting happens in either. :p

This one’s not a sketch so much as it is a nearly-finished color piece, but I had such good feedback from last week’s dinosaur sketches that I figured more dinosaurs/pterosaurs/other prehistoric animals were needed.


Hey everyone!! Just thought I’d let you know that I’m going to be a part of a really cool comic anthology about pets, monsters and dinosaurs. It’s called MegaFauna, and there’s only 5 days left of it’s Kickstarter! If you’re interested in a 200+ page book of cool comics, or in my story about pterosaur-riding cowboys in the Alberta Badlands, then check it out!

Mega Fauna Kickstarter

I’ve been continuing to play around with designing Native fairies, combining a little bit of Froud with some of the wonderful pow wow regalia, and so I was delighted when a fan commissioned a drawing of one of these fairies from me at Gen Con. This one is based off of a Fancy Shawl dancer, with hints of a butterfly motif to her regalia’s colouration. Also, I left it ambiguous as to whether she has arms under her shawl, or whether her wings wrap about her like a shawl.

Here’s a sample of some Fancy Shawl dancing, for those who are unfamiliar: LINK

Gasp! Today’s comic has kisses!!

It’s also about an amusing phenomenon I’ve noticed at a LARP. One minute, you’ll be chatting happily with your friends, and the next, in character, you’ll all be at each other’s throats. :)

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