Gotta get ye olde flask.

Here’s some good resources if you want to make your gaming table more inclusive!

Some good questions to ask yourself about how inclusive your game is, and ways to fix them!

This Geek and Sundry article has 5 good tips for inclusion at your gaming table.

Your Best Game Ever has some really good advice for making everyone welcome at your table. Also, I wrote an article about how to develop your character’s “voice”, so you can check that out at the same time 🙂

The Gauntlet has some great tools, like lines and veils, to keep people safe and comfortable while they game.

The Dice Tower has a great video about Inclusive Gaming.

If you know of some more good resources, please post them in the comments and I’ll add them to the list!

How are people at your gaming table affected by some of the themes/depictions in the book? It’s an important thing to think about!

In my headcannon, drow are purple and blue cause they’ve adapted to have beneficial fungus/microbes in their skin that make their skin cooler and therefore harder to spot by things with heat vision, and the fungus makes them fun colors.

Not gonna lie – this pun was so bad I cackled for like ten minutes straight after writing it. 🙂