waffles are pretty great, tho.

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Big news, everyone! The Kickstarter for Weregeek: Book 6 is now live!! This book takes us up to the end of Chronicle One, and completes the whole first storyline! As with our past Book Collections, it’s also FULL of tons of extra content that hasn’t been previously published, such as production artwork, big splash images, author commentary, never-before-seen extra strips, and an brand-new story of Lovecraftian horror…

Even if you can’t afford to back this project, please help us spread the word so that we cab get this brand new book to print! Every tweet, FB post and etc. helps a ton! THANKS EVERYONE!

Fancy burgers are too fancy for Joel.

… with a Raven companion, no less!

…or Moons over My Hammy. One of the two.

Darren clearly is rocking some good body paint sealer along with his Hulk Hands. And, yes, that stuff needs a SERIOUS shower before it comes off – probably just easier to throw a shirt on a go to coffee as is.