The MST3K Kickstarter is totally a real thing that I am totally really excited about! LINK

The Sliders theme, for those who haven’t heard it: LINK (Jump to 0:40 for the actual “Slidersss…” whisper.)

I’m sure Ravenia might argue that Tom Hiddleston was actually gothier in Only Lovers Left Alive. (And if she doesn’t, I might.) But, while she’s A+ on her goth classics, it sounds like her knowledge of Disney movies doesn’t extend as far back as Bambi. Which is a shame, because the scene were everything is on fire is pretty gothy.

Your best friend knows you even better than you know yourself…

… Except that Abbie’s info might be a little out of date. It sounds like Sailor Moon has moved down on Sarah’s list of favs a little bit.

I actually don’t think Sarah’s all that weirded out. Thing like this probably happen all the time as Abbie’s room-mate.