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This sketch is the uncolored version of an old commission I did, of two kobolds being adorable at each other. I think the world deserves more adorable kobolds. <3

Hey, I figured that people would have more comments now that this storyline has wrapped, so here’s a nice fresh comments section! Thanks for your input and support, everyone. Please remember to be honest but not cruel, and kind even if you disagree with me/one another.

EDIT: We’ll be doing “Comedy Check Theatre” for the next two weeks, then we’ll pick up the main comic story again in April.

So, this morning I came across this article about a live-action remake of Peter Pan, and had to facepalm so hard I almost bruised myself. It was a pretty racist movie to begin with, and instead of trying to update it for the modern clime, they’ve decided to cast a non-native actress as Tiger Lily and make Peter Pan the “saviour of the Natives”. Greaaaaat. Awesome. That’s not super racist or anything, Hollywood.

Anyway, I was chatting about it on twitter and Lar (of Least I Could Do/Looking for Group) mentioned that it wouldn’t be as racist if the ‘natives’ of Neverland that they were referring to were the fairies instead of . I agreed, and one thing led to another in my head and I found myself with the sudden urge to draw Native-themed fairies. After all, there’s many North American legends about fairies and little people, much as there is in European mythology, so why not try drawing a few of those? Also, somewhere along the line, someone mentioned mermaids and I had to draw those two.

So, voila. The first fairy is based off a ladies fancy shawl dancer, since the shawls so often look like wings. I opted for beetle wings instead of butterfly because a) they’re transparent, so you can see more of her outfit and b) beetle wings look dang cool. The second figure is Octopus Woman, from one of my favorite Haida legends. She’s wearing a traditional Haida cloak, held with a seashell clasp.

If I get the time, I want to shade these in with pencil for more of a Brian Froud look, so maybe you’ll see these drawings on another sketch Friday!

Hey everyone. This is it. This is the big reveal. This is the end-goal I had in mind from when I first created Weregeek.

It isn’t the end, however. Not by a long shot.

See, back when I was first planning out story ideas for this comic, I had a big, sprawling storyline involving the Weregeeks and their geek powers. I was in love with the mystery of the Hunters as shadowy antagonists, and I really wanted to work in all sorts of metaphors. I had big, big plans.

I had also never written anything other than posts for my play-by-post RPGs and a few short stories that, with any luck, will never see the light of day. So, as the years went by and I got better and better at writing jokes and planning out more tightly character-focused storyarcs, I found that I liked writing the ‘metaplot’ storylines less and less. I came to dread them, actually, since they seemed to take away what I’d actually built – a cast of characters that were relateable, that made me laugh and reminded me of all of the fun times I’d had as a newbie LARPer, characters that you, the fans, wrote me to ask for more details about. I found the Hunter/Wergeek plots taking a backseat to plots focused around these characters and their lives, and wishing I could spend even more time writing that.

And so, after a lot of thought, I decided to wrap up the metaplot early. I had originally planned it to be the penultimate storyline (and, given how sprawling, and lets face it, convoluted, the original plot idea was, it would have needed to be late in the game!), but realized that not only did that not have to be the end, it shouldn’t be. There were so many more stories yet to tell – why haven’t we seen much of Ravenia lately? How did Ned wind up running a game shop? Are Joel and Stephanie going to hit it off or wind up at each other’s throats? And, as so many people have been asking, what’s going to happen between Mark and Sarah now?

Anyway, I’m excited for this new chapter in the comic. Or maybe, not a chapter so much as a new chronicle (chronicle being the term we used to denote different games under the same banner – a vampire chronicle could be run by the same Storytelling team and organizers, but be very different thematically between one chronicle and the next. Most even had different continuities, though that’s not the case here!). I’m really excited about delving a little more deeply into the cast’s lives, and I hope that you guys are too.

So, thank you all for sticking with me through Chronicle 1 of Weregeek. I hope you’ll stick with me through into the new Chronicle, because there’s lot of story yet to tell, and I’m really excited to tell it. We’re going to be going back to the ever-punny “+2 Comedy Check Theatre” once this storyline wraps (there’s still a few strips left that will hopefully answer some of the questions you may have!) to give me time to script ahead on the new chronicle and really get a good handle on the writing, but the new storyline should be starting on March 31st. Until then, thanks for reading, and I’ll be checking the comments section over the next while if you have any questions!


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