Sometimes it can be hard to switch mental gears. Especially when something comes at ya cold!!

Trust a cosplayer like Abbie to be able to cobble together a superhero outfit on a moment’s notice!

Abbie learns a little more about herself, and Jodie is SO PROUD OF HER!! If you’ve just learned something important about yourself as well, then I’m sending you BIG HUGS, just like Jodie!! <3 <3 <3

Here’s some great info for folks who are feeling Abbie’s confusion over the asexual spectrum of identities!

GLAAD’s Guide to the Asexual Spectrum
The Trevor Project’s Asexual FAQ
A list of Asexual Groups Worldwide
A good guide to Asexual Identities, a quiz, and figures including the chart that Abbie is looking at!

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