…Slimy, yet satisfying.

Okay. Mark and Abbie are cut off of the caffeine after this. Steph was just teasing.

I want to wish a very special Valentine’s Day to all of the LGBTQIA Gamers out there, especially those in the US. Things are looking a little bleak right now, and I want you all – single or in a relationship, closeted or loud and proud – to know that you are loved and appreciated. You make our gaming groups and our lives a richer, more vibrant place. Take some time for yourselves today, and have fun playing the games that you love. <3 <3 <3

I imagine that “but mushrooms are REALLY tasty fried” isn’t going to help this situation…

Despite what it says in the book, this is how I would run this scene. Because just because a mushroom CAN talk to you psychically, doesn’t mean it knows words, or you know how to interpret its psychic impressions…