To be fair, if I were a player and my GM described an ice-cream castle with a rainbow bridge leading to it, I’d know instantly that it was full of murder fairies who would cheerfully dismember our party in their sleep while singing “It’s a Small World After All”.

… But maybe that’s just the games I’ve played in? Or are cute things are usually evil for your games as well?

As the title says, this is a battle for the ages.

Hey everybody!!! Just a heads up that I’ll be at Denver Comic Con this weekend! I’ll be sharing a booth with my dear friends from Little Vampires, and we’ll be at booth 1038, so please stop by to say hello!

Just a quick Daenerys sketch I did at VanCAF. I was trying not to draw too heavily from the show, while still making it recognizable that this was Dany. (Tho I think that Drogon in the background sort of gives it away!)

Okay, okay, Pez candy aren’t that bad. They’re mostly just pressed sugar, and I’ve never had one that tasted ‘green’. But they are a big disappointment when you’re a kid who gets $2 a week to spend on candy, and buying one Pez dispenser means you have to save up for a few weeks. I remember being about 6 or 7 and doing the math to figure out how big a bag of 5ยข candies I could have got for the same price as a single Pez, and then being very sad about it. As a result, I think that’s the only Pez I’ve ever bought, and I can’t even remember what character I got. (It was the 80′s, so probably a smurf or a ninja turtle.)

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