…or Moons over My Hammy. One of the two.

Darren clearly is rocking some good body paint sealer along with his Hulk Hands. And, yes, that stuff needs a SERIOUS shower before it comes off – probably just easier to throw a shirt on a go to coffee as is.

Someone seems to have written a character a little bit like herself!!

To be fair, though, her Vampire character is sneaky, conniving and dangerous, and her D&D character is also sneaky, conniving and dangerous, so maybe it was time to switch things up a bit and play something goofy and fun.

Looks like they pushed that scene all the way to the end of game! It sucks ending a great scene a little early, but sometimes, you only have the site rental for so long!

Also, for those who are wondering about the glowy magic in the first panel – In Changeling: The Lost, Pledges have real power. They can give you all sorts of bonuses or new merits when you swear them, but if you break them, that all rebounds in on you! The Wyrd punishes Oathbreakers most severely…

…Your Motley. You can totally trust your Motley.*

* (To do ridiculous things.)