I drew this commission AGES back, when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie had first been announced, and then promptly forgot about it and the movie in question. Then, last week, the internet seemed to explode with the squeeing of a million voices as everyone watched the trailer, and I too had to watch it and squee at the movie about a raccoon guy and a tree guy that I didn’t know I wanted to see.

Then, I remembered this drawing. I’d completely forgotten the quip I’d come up with for Rocket, but I remember thinking that the picture needed some sort of amusing captioning since it was, ostensibly, a raccoon threatening a man with a gun. Good call, past me! Way to work a Sly Cooper reference into someone’s commission!

*Seriously, Sly Cooper. What is with your universe and only the lady characters* having to wear pants?
**Except for the koala dude, who wears a diaper, which I’m going to argue doesn’t actually count as pants.

Hey everyone! This is not some crazy flashback scene – that 3-panel tall action scene at the bottom just kicked my butt!! It took WAY longer than I’d expected to color and shade all of the tiny details. Rather than put it up unshaded and ruin the reveal of the final piece, I decided to simply post it greyscale until I get the gradients and special effects all added. Thanks for understanding!!

Also, I’ll be in Victoria this weekend for GottaCon, so if you live on Vancouver Island, come on down and say hi! (Plus, I mean, it’s an all-weekend gaming con – who could resist?)

Hey everyone! I wasn’t planning on doing a Valentine’s Sale this year, but I’ve had a few people email me about it, and one of my side projects ended up wrapping a little sooner than I’d expected, so I DO have a bit of a window to start taking commissions again. Slots for this commission sale will have to be limited, since Valentine’s Day is on Friday, but I’m going to be able to take 10-15 commissions. (15 is they’re all 2 figure commissions, less if they’re group ones, since they take so much longer to draw!) I can guarantee that you’ll receive a digital copy (hihg-res for printing!) of the drawing on Thursday night, and while getting the original shipped to you is still an option, obviously THAT wouldn’t be there by Friday.

If you’re interested in a Valentine’s specific commission, please check out my Shopify Store! And, if you’re still interested in a commission but it doesn’t necessarily have to be done before Friday, please email me at weregeekcomic (at) gmail.com and we can work out the details. Thanks a lot everyone!

Hey everyone! Last Saturday was Hourly Comic day, and here are my hourly comics! I’m missing the last two (taking us up until midnight) because my hand started to get too sore from drawing all day. This is a pretty typical Saturday for me – I like to draw the week’s comics all at once so that I have plenty of time to color them, and then can spend the later part of the week (usually Thursday and Friday) on freelance/admin work.

Think what you like about furries, but I’ve got to give major props to every fursuiter I see because it takes mad costuming skills to create even a partial suit. I once saw an absolutely amazing Targ suit that could go down on all fours. (EDIT: Found a link to the build of said suit! Look at all the work that went into it!!) I’ve also seen suits with animatronic wings or eyes, working jaws with full sets of taxidermy-quality jaws, and tails that swish when they walk. Those are costuming skills up there with the people who make full suits of Space Marine armor.

I try to chat with anyone in a great costume whenever I see them at a con so that I can pick up costuming tips and tricks for my own LARP costumes. I got a great tip about creating said swishing tails that let me make a really cool tail for my Changeling character (a Fairest Draconic). So next time you’re at a show, try chatting with a fursuiter! They have awesome costuming tips!!

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