Sorry to push back the start of the new chapter by a day, everyone, but yesterday (Sunday) was National Aboriginal Day, and I’m afraid I pow wowed too hard to get everything finished. ^^;

These “Start of Chapter” strips always take a little longer to draw because I like to do big establishing shots for the first panel, and this one’s got something I’ve never drawn before! So, rather than post it half-finished, I simply switched Friday’s sketch to today, which will give me that bit of extra time I need to make the new chapter all shiny. Thanks for understanding, and I’ll see you back here tomorrow for the start of Chapter 5!

Full body makeup is tricky.

Watching Patrick Stewart interact with fans was an honor and a pleasure. I took notes. He is a class act!

Have you heard of the sci-five before? It is so epic it needs its own shirt.

Sadly, that was not the only murder hotel I’ve stayed at during a convention….

The guy in the third panel is not Layne, who doesn’t usually travel with me if I have to fly, but my webcomics buddy, Sam Logan of Sam and Fuzzy. You should read his comic – it is excellent.

I’m glad we didn’t die in the murder hotel.

People have asked me for some stories about my own Convention Adventures, so I decided to draw a few of them in between chapters this time around. There has been WAY too many funny things at conventions to possibly fit into a four strips, so I may be doing this again in the future. :)