Today’s guest comic is by my good buddy, Sam Logan of Sam and Fuzzy! Sam and I do a ton of conventions together, and so while I’ve seen him draw a TON of characters before, I’ve never seen him draw my whole cast! It gives me warm fuzzies inside. THANKS SAM!!!

Also – good lord, that joke dude. Love. EET! (I also love when he puts a disclaimer on his jokes that it’s actually a joke. That makes it twice as funny!)

Woo!! Another guest strip from Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties. I am so lucky to get two strips from her ’cause HOLY CRAP YA’LL can she do a good impression of my style*. And again, I think Abbie’s obsession with googly eyes is now canon. That’s TOTALLY the sort of thing she’d delight in.

* Doing a good impression of my style isn’t required for guest strips – in fact, I really like seeing how other people draw my characters – but still. Dang. That’s impressive.

Today we have another great guest comic from Luke Foster of Center of Somewhere, and today is a momentous occasion for that particular comic! It’s been running for THREE YEARS today! So, congratulations Luke, and thanks again for helping me out of the post-wedding/pre-Gen Con madness. (A buffer! A buffer! My kingdom for a buffer!)

EEEEEEEEEE!!! Today’s adorable comic is by the wonderful Mary Varn of NPC Comic. The kitties in her comic are of the talking/RPG-playing variety, I absolutely love that she gave Laondo and Tasselhoff a chance to speak. (If not a chance to game! Poor sad kittyfaces in the last panel!! <3) I like to imagine now that Tasselhoff’s many exploits in ruining carefully set up game pieces is just his way of trying to learn how to play so he and his brother can go have a board game night with Chloe and Bink. :3

Anyway, if you haven’t checked out her comic, go give it a try!!

I love, love, LOVE that Lar deSouza (of Least I Could Do and Looking For Group fame) managed to work a joke about Monopoly into this comic! It’s not something I would have had the guts to take on, but I spent MANY an hour growing up playing (and arguing about!) this game with my family. No one ever won – we’d almost always get distracted by dinner or bedtimes or screaming younger siblings before we finished a game, but maybe that’s why we kept playing it – in the hopes that one day, we’d actually breeze through a game and have a conclusion.

Also, how amazing does Joel look as Uncle Pennybags? GOSH, and Dustin in his vagabond getup!! PRICELESS!!! I <3 this strip so much!

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