Just a quick Daenerys sketch I did at VanCAF. I was trying not to draw too heavily from the show, while still making it recognizable that this was Dany. (Tho I think that Drogon in the background sort of gives it away!)

Okay, okay, Pez candy aren’t that bad. They’re mostly just pressed sugar, and I’ve never had one that tasted ‘green’. But they are a big disappointment when you’re a kid who gets $2 a week to spend on candy, and buying one Pez dispenser means you have to save up for a few weeks. I remember being about 6 or 7 and doing the math to figure out how big a bag of 5ยข candies I could have got for the same price as a single Pez, and then being very sad about it. As a result, I think that’s the only Pez I’ve ever bought, and I can’t even remember what character I got. (It was the 80′s, so probably a smurf or a ninja turtle.)

Hey everyone! It’s a little tough to tell without the shading in her hair or her glasses, but today’s sketch is of Sarah as a mermaid. This is the second sketch in a series of Artist’s Edition books, the first of which was Abbie as a fairy. I’m pretty happy with how feral Sarah looks – I’ve always liked half-mad, blood-crazy mermaids over the pretty kind – but I do wish I’d had time to shade in her hair. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll just have to redraw it sometime! :)

This was a fun commission. I like drawing bears, and I like drawing pirates, so really, how could it be better? This was also one of my first few tries with my copics, and while I’m happy with how it turned out, it also taught me that I need more than just 3 different tones of brown.

Here is another commissions I got at ECCC. I spent a long time trying to figure out who Mark would be, and then figured that it was most amusing if he was Wesley. Joel as Q, however, is spot on.

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