Today’s comic is by the most dapper and excellent gentleman I know, Jonathan Dalton, who draws just ALL of the comics. (A Mad Tea Party, In the Hall of the Octopus, and The Legend of Bold Riley: The Talking Bone, to name just a few!)

I very much enjoy how blasé the group is as they discuss the tragic downfall of the Smurf race :p I imagine Dustin might work that into a game some time…

Today’s comic is by the incomparable Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties and Geebas on Parade. It seems that any time Jennie and I wind up at a con together, random hijinks (like getting lost in San Francisco and then finding a magical night garden with roses and swings and then romping around like fairies) aren’t far behind!

Also, the Mini Flipping Table is a REAL THING!!! I need one. I think everyone should carry one around for miniature rage-venting. SUCH a good idea!

Hello everyone! You probably haven’t heard, since a) I was trying not to make too big a fuss about it and b) I’ve been WAY too busy with planning/driving/doing a MILLION other things in preparation to write anything about it, but this past weekend Layne and I got married! (Those of you who follow me on twitter no doubt saw all the tweets from the big day!)

It was a hobbit-themed wedding, and everything turned out wonderfully. (I may post our highly hilarious vows on the Patreon tumblr for my lovely Patrons.)

As a gift, many of my comic friends have sent me some lovely GUEST STRIPS to let me catch up from the madness. It is highly appreciated!! Thanks to my buddies for the excellent comics, and I hope you all enjoy the guest week. :)

* * *

This first guest strip is by my very dear friend, Luke Foster of The Center of Somewhere and Drawn Away (in which I make a brief guest appearance!).

I love the idea of Joel being afraid of sword-swallowers enough that it is now canon. I gotta figure out some way to work that into the comic now. THANKS LUKE!!!

SO, I’ve taken some liberties with the art for MSFG in this comic, since Becky Peterschmidt’s gorgeously cute/dark/funny watercolors certainly aren’t as anime as I make them out to be, but I have been watching a lot of Sailor Moon* lately, and, well, one thing led to another and I *HAD* to draw anime-Sarah smacking someone with a hammer.

Had. To.

* Watching the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal** may have necessitated me going back and watching a crap-ton of the original
** Comic about Crystal coming soon!

So, I have this thing I do at conventions where I draw random characters as tiny adorable mice. No idea why mice, specifically, other than that they are maybe the perfect vessel for adorableness and there’s nothing more hilarious to me than seeing a gruff, grumpy character drawn as tiny and cutely as possible.

Here are some Attack on Titan mice, courtesy of the last anime show I was at, where so many people were cosplaying as part of the Survey Corp that I would not have been at all worried even if a Colossus Titan showed up.

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