Hey everyone! I now have the internet in my new place. YAAAY!!

My production schedule is still a little behind, however, so enjoy a sketch from this past weekend’s GottaCon while I draw the week’s comics. Regular updates will resume tomorrow!

Also, just a reminder for any Vancouver-based fans – I will have a table in the Dealer’s Den at VancouFur this weekend (Mar 5-8), so if you’ll be at the show, come by and say hello. :)

Hey everyone,

I’m afraid this week’s updates are going to be a little erratic. I moved house over the weekend, and that means that I moved office too. I’ve nearly managed to find all of my drawing stuff again, which means that I should be able to get back to the drawing table tonight, but my internet won’t be hooked up at the new place until Friday, so I’ll only be able to update when I can get to someplace with free wifi.

So, just a heads up – if the comic isn’t there first thing in the morning, it will be some time during the day, so check back!

Valentine’s Day: The Worst Holiday, or a great excuse to eat pizza and play video games, whether alone or with others? Discuss. :P

Abbie’s right – I think we’re all sufficiently punned out now. Thanks for bearing with me through this madness, and for giving me some extra time to spend plotting out the next chapter. It’s going to be a goooood one, I think. Regular comics start again on Monday, where we will find out how our goth friends spend their Valentine’s Day…

Let the pundemonium begin!!!