SO, I’ve taken some liberties with the art for MSFG in this comic, since Becky Peterschmidt’s gorgeously cute/dark/funny watercolors certainly aren’t as anime as I make them out to be, but I have been watching a lot of Sailor Moon* lately, and, well, one thing led to another and I *HAD* to draw anime-Sarah smacking someone with a hammer.

Had. To.

* Watching the first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal** may have necessitated me going back and watching a crap-ton of the original
** Comic about Crystal coming soon!

So, I have this thing I do at conventions where I draw random characters as tiny adorable mice. No idea why mice, specifically, other than that they are maybe the perfect vessel for adorableness and there’s nothing more hilarious to me than seeing a gruff, grumpy character drawn as tiny and cutely as possible.

Here are some Attack on Titan mice, courtesy of the last anime show I was at, where so many people were cosplaying as part of the Survey Corp that I would not have been at all worried even if a Colossus Titan showed up.

I got a request for a closeup shot of the faerie army, so here it is! I really went a little nuts on the small details that wouldn’t necessarily show up at full size – things like the cherry blossoms on the tree and the myriad of little sprites and birds flitting around, but I think they really help to sell the overall saccharine theme :)

Happy Canada Day/Early Fourth of July, folks! I’m gonna spend the day playing board games and grilling burgers. Harder to get elk burgers here in BC, but I’ve heard salmon burgers are particularly tasty…

Who is this mysterious lady who has been masquerading as the Baron? We first met her back here in “The Serpents of Snake Island”. I won’y give away any spoilers (…that today’s comic didn’t already reveal), but suffice it to say that she’s not as nice as she seemed at first… But, yes, Abbie always did suspect that she was up to no good!

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