A really hard-ass ST might argue that the name is a little close to their Keeper’s name, but I would allow them it because the name is cool as heck.

Also, I think that Woe (Sarah’s character) speaks more in this comic than in any other thus far!

… There’s gotta be a million Motleys named that.

In Changeling, the Summer Court is the court of fire, wrath, and swords. Which makes the Summer King (or Queen!) pretty easy to spot, especially since their Mantle (a halo-ish effect that lets other Changelings know which season they belong to) stands out like, well, a GIANT TORCH ABOVE THEIR HEADS!!!

Fun fact: The Summer King in this game is actually a combination of the two Summer Monarchs from the two (TWO?!) Changeling LARPs I’m currently playing in. :)

These are not sketches for Abbie’s Changeling character, but they seemed to fit the theme and I had a TON of fun drawing the flames. Flames are great!

… Guessing Sarah’s character has at least 3 ranks of it, and some maxed out stealth.