Looks like Mark’s of two minds about things. Hmm…

That is a seriously cool pot, tho. Dang. I want one.

Mark, that table doesn’t even have a tablecloth on it any more. You are bad at hiding.

Bro-ga (yoga for bros) is a real thing. While I really, really hate the name, (it sound a bit like a race of pulp aliens, TBH) I like the idea of bro-ga – yoga focusing on strength and flexibility in a safe place where men don’t have to feel awkward being the only guy in the class while everyone’s aiming their posteriors skywards. (And ladies don’t have to wonder if he’s only there to check them out.)

Yoga is fun and good for helping uncramp backs bent into computer desk shapes. Everyone should try it!

What’s this? Mark has blown off a games night at Dustin’s to go sulk at the goth club?


With May the 4th falling on a Monday this year and an OMG NEW MOVIE looming on the horizon, I couldn’t resist moving this week’s sketch Friday to Monday. :)

Regular updates resume tomorrow!