Have some happy kitties to end this chapter. Because everyone needs some fluffy, happy kitties sometimes!1

Be warned: Next week marks the return of +2 Comedy Check Theatre, and the puns I’ve got this time around are ESPECIALLY bad! :) See you on Monday!

If you can’t see whether the store is full of ninjas or not, then CLEARLY it’s actually full of ninjas.

You will now have this theme song stuck in your head all weekend. I’m sorry.*

*I’m not sorry

This is maybe a bit of an obscure reference, but it amuses me. Layne is a huge fan of Zorro, and of Disney’s 1957 Zorro T.V. series in particular. He introduced me to that series, and I think we’ve now seen every episode ever made at least twice. (It’s great for watching while we’re doing convention prep!)

Fun Fact: Disney’s Zorro was so popular in Argentina that a Zorro-themed circus (Circo Real Madrid) was formed – with Guy Williams reprising his old role as Zorro!

I know Skylanders has been out for quite some time now and has just an ungodly number of figurines to buy, but I’m just getting on board that particular boat now. Most of the blame falls upon my good friend, Sam Logan, who is quite the fanatic and with whom I had a long and involved conversation about the design philosophy of the Skylanders during our road trip to Edmonton for their Comic Con last year. The other part of the blame falls on my brother-in-law, who was kind enough to get me a refurbished Wii for Christmas, and thus enable my new addiction to small plastic poke-creatures.