Hey everyone! It’s a little tough to tell without the shading in her hair or her glasses, but today’s sketch is of Sarah as a mermaid. This is the second sketch in a series of Artist’s Edition books, the first of which was Abbie as a fairy. I’m pretty happy with how feral Sarah looks – I’ve always liked half-mad, blood-crazy mermaids over the pretty kind – but I do wish I’d had time to shade in her hair. Oh well. Perhaps I’ll just have to redraw it sometime! :)

This was a fun commission. I like drawing bears, and I like drawing pirates, so really, how could it be better? This was also one of my first few tries with my copics, and while I’m happy with how it turned out, it also taught me that I need more than just 3 different tones of brown.

Here is another commissions I got at ECCC. I spent a long time trying to figure out who Mark would be, and then figured that it was most amusing if he was Wesley. Joel as Q, however, is spot on.


Hey everyone! I’m really happy to announce the launch of my Patreon drive! For those who don’t know, Patreon is a service that allows people to support artists by signing up for a monthly subscription, and a lot of Webcomics are using it… I really wanted to make my campaign special, so I’ve structured it as a Fan Club!

Fan Club Members will get awesome exclusives, just like the old comics fan clubs back in the secret-decoder-ring era! There’ll be a special forum for the Fan Club as well, raffles for original artwork, videos of me doing art projects, special opportunities to hang out or game with me and other Fan Club members online, plus MUCH MUCH more!!

So click on the Patreon image above to go and check it out!

There’s nothing especially tricksy going on here on the comic, but I wanted to do something nice to celebrate a fun, silly holiday, so please enjoy a preview of the upcoming storyline! We’ll be doing some more Convention Adventures for the rest of the week, and the new storyline will start for real next Monday. Have a fun April Fools, and enjoy the silliness!

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