Freaking the Mundanes: Funny or cruel?

So, Wednesday’s comic about “freaking the Mundanes” has sparked a discussion in the forums – namely, does it give geeks a bad name? (Or, you know, a worse one…) Check it out here! Also, we’ve recently updated the page a little bit. The most noticeable change is the Twitter feed to the left of this … Read more


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Comics for May 28, 2008 – 05/28/2008

God of War!

I both love and hate the God of War games. Love, because they are a great release when you just need to smash something, dammit! (This happens to everyone occasionally) And hate, because there are few video games that can make the normally mild-mannered me swear like an especially drunken and rage-filled sailor. Here is … Read more


Comics for May 26, 2008 – 05/26/2008