In Which Alina Discovers the Secret of Pugs….

September 14, 2012

At Toronto Fan Expo, someone came up to me and asked me to draw a pug. “A cute pug, or an ugly pug?” I asked, knowing that half the charm of pugs was their ludicrous case of the fuglies. “Just a pug.” He said, with an enigmatic smile.

So, I started drawing a pug. I tried to make it as awkward and ugly as possible, but it seemed like every time I added a wrinkle or derped up it’s pose a little more, it just got cuter. There was seemingly nothing I could do to make it look less cute that wouldn’t also have made it look less like a pug.

So, finally giving in, I just went with the cute and gave it an adorable little dwaggin costume, cause, really, there’s no fighting the cute.


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