Geeks and Swords

December 1, 2008

A few of us were hanging around at coffee after a game one time, and the subject of geeks and weaponry came up. Geeks seem to be great aficionados of all manner of sharp things – from replica swords, to fancy daggers, to the bat’leth and katana my two friends posed with in their wedding photos – there’s few geek households without at least a few stabby implements lying around.

Then, as we were comparing our household stores of medieval weaponry, someone posed the all important question – If zombies attacked while you were sleeping, what would you have lying around next to your bed with which to defend yourself?

I, at the time, had a few blunt practice swords. One guy had a katana within reach of his bed. But the guy who won? He had no less than six daggers, a two-handed sword, and a bat’leth hanging nearby. The image of a guy fighting off zombies with a bat’leth has since forever been burned into my mind, and I now share this mental image with you. Enjoy.


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