Comic 109

Moving on up…

August 3, 2007

You guys did it! The donation meter topped out while I was away, and that means that you get an extra strip this Saturday! Thanks to everyone who donated!!

xaq & I are all moved in to our new place, though we’ve still got a ton of unpacking to do. Edmonton has been treating us well – in the past few days, we’ve found an amazing Thai place, hung out with some awesome folks, and had shawarma so good that I dreamed of it last night. Mmm… shawarma…

I’m working to get the buffer caught back up, since we’re going to take advantage of the fact that I’ve got a little time off to finally take a vacation next week to do some camping. The buffer will, once again, cover my downtime, but it means that updates here on the newsblog and in the forum are going to be a little sparse.


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