Well, poo. Here I thought I had everything all nice and neatly set up for while I was away at Calgary Expo, but it turns out that I managed to mess up the comic’s auto-updater. Strips that were supposed to run last week didn’t, and the one that was supposed to run today ran last Thursday instead.

So, good news! There ARE new comics today!! They are just, err, last week. So go back a few days, and if you aren’t seeing the new comics, please refresh your cache. Thanks, and sorry for the mix up!!

Hey everyone! Just a reminder that I’ll be at the Calgary Comic Expo starting today (April 16-19). I’ll be at booth 722/822 with Sam Logan, Jeph Jacques and Danielle Corsetto, so come on by and say hi!

In the Throne of Games you win or you roll the die!!!!

Dustin is, maybe, just a little excited for games night

we’re back at Dustin’s for another Games Night! Will the drama from the goth club follow them here, or will it be just another night of hanging out and geeky jokes?