Abbie, you do not want to model your life after a dinosaur-riding Frida Kahlo. She had a tumultuous life and allosauruses are REALLY expensive to keep fed!

(I think Abbie is talking more about art style than life style here. I hope.)

The question is, is that Dustin’s chicken hat, or did Abbie bring it with her?

Abbie’s probably not talking about this LARP, but I bet she dreams of travelling there one day!

Remembering the rules to Rummy is easy! It’s just like riding a Bicycle!

… Get it? Bicycle cards? 😛 Ok, I’m done now.

.. And come see me at VanCaf this weekend :p (Tables O2 & O3!)

We’ll be headed back to the board game night at Dustin’s next week, so see you all then!