Thanksgiving is here, and that means it’s once again time for my yearly Christmas Commission Sale! Get a personalized drawing for your DM, players, or SG. (Significant gamer.)

2014 Xmas Pricing copy

Hey everyone, meet Jodi! She’s a new character I’ve been waiting to introduce for a while because she’s just so much fun to draw :) :)

Birds, everyone. Birds are awesome. Just thought you should know.

OOPS today’s eminently discussable games-company merger comic lacked a comments section, so here one is. Enjoy, and discuss! :P

So, this comic actually draws quite a bit from life. Layne and I have been watching a ton of kung fu movies lately, and after one movie marathon, we got to discussing the various kung fu game systems. Layne has always had a collection of the Palladium books, and so when I mentioned that you could combine TMNT and Ninjas and Superspies… Well, the idea for a kung fu panda game was born!!

He’s now got most of the NPCs statted up, a group of four players put together, and our first game session should be in the next week or so :p

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