There’s always a lull at the start of a LARP while some people try to get the last few bits of their costume together, read their character sheets, or wait to make a big entrance. I like to call this the “Lets Have Our Characters Make Awkward Small Talk” time.

Also, Happy 4th of July eve! Hope all you American Weregeeks have a good time this weekend. Stay safe! Don’t explode anything but fireworks!!

Never trust an NPC wearing sunglasses. (Even if they’re your Retainer.) Or one wearing gloves.

Also, HAPPY CANADA DAY, fellow Canadians!! I am planning on spending the day hanging out with my friends and grilling a huge assortment of foods! I hope your holiday is equally enjoyable.

EDIT: People were asking for links to the previous Changeling storyline, so here they are:
The start of that chapter (At the gaming store, but Maggie and Katie discuss their characters): Link
The beginning of Changeling character creation: Link

Whew. Now THAT’S a heck of an opening circle speech!

Sarah clearly understands the creepiness level required to play a Darkling.

I couldn’t resist making the background in the third panel a little sparkly and rainbow-y. Sailor Moon has trained me that all makeup transformation scenes should come this way.