Hey everyone,

Im very sorry to say that today’s comic will be delayed. I had a massive allergy attack yesterday that left my eyes so puffy and swollen that I’ve only been able to open one of them, and even then, only for moments at a time. These are not ideal conditions for drawing comics.

Normally, my buffer would take care of situations like this, but unfortunately the back-to-back conventions have eaten my stockpile of strips.

Anyway, ill get back to the drawing board as soon as I’m able, but right noe, I’m going to take more allergy medication and sleep like the dead!

PHEW! I have done far too many conventions this year, but I am now finished! Time to catch up, get ahead on the buffer, and start work on the extras for Book 6!

Here is a Treecat (kitten!) I drew this past weekend at VCon. The local Royal Manticoran Army* was in uniform at the show, which made me, of course, want to draw six-limbed fuzzy extraterrestrials. ‘Cause they’re adorable and love frisbee!

*Both treecats and the RMA are from David Weber’s Honorverse series, which I am very fond of.

…but I play one on TV.

Abbie needs a more adultier adult.

Abbie is not good at dealing with stress. Stress is a scary adult thing.