I’ve been continuing to play around with designing Native fairies, combining a little bit of Froud with some of the wonderful pow wow regalia, and so I was delighted when a fan commissioned a drawing of one of these fairies from me at Gen Con. This one is based off of a Fancy Shawl dancer, with hints of a butterfly motif to her regalia’s colouration. Also, I left it ambiguous as to whether she has arms under her shawl, or whether her wings wrap about her like a shawl.

Here’s a sample of some Fancy Shawl dancing, for those who are unfamiliar: LINK

Gasp! Today’s comic has kisses!!

It’s also about an amusing phenomenon I’ve noticed at a LARP. One minute, you’ll be chatting happily with your friends, and the next, in character, you’ll all be at each other’s throats. :)

Today’s guest comic is by my good buddy, Sam Logan of Sam and Fuzzy! Sam and I do a ton of conventions together, and so while I’ve seen him draw a TON of characters before, I’ve never seen him draw my whole cast! It gives me warm fuzzies inside. THANKS SAM!!!

Also – good lord, that joke dude. Love. EET! (I also love when he puts a disclaimer on his jokes that it’s actually a joke. That makes it twice as funny!)

Woo!! Another guest strip from Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties. I am so lucky to get two strips from her ’cause HOLY CRAP YA’LL can she do a good impression of my style*. And again, I think Abbie’s obsession with googly eyes is now canon. That’s TOTALLY the sort of thing she’d delight in.

* Doing a good impression of my style isn’t required for guest strips – in fact, I really like seeing how other people draw my characters – but still. Dang. That’s impressive.

Today we have another great guest comic from Luke Foster of Center of Somewhere, and today is a momentous occasion for that particular comic! It’s been running for THREE YEARS today! So, congratulations Luke, and thanks again for helping me out of the post-wedding/pre-Gen Con madness. (A buffer! A buffer! My kingdom for a buffer!)

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