Abbie seems pretty dang excited for anime night.

Also, just a reminder that the XMAS COMMISSION SALE is currently underway! It’s a great chance to get your players or your DM a one-of-a-kind gift. (Plus you don’t have to go to a mall to do so. Shopping in crowds = the worst!)

2015 Xmas Pricing


Also, the Christmas Commission Sale is now open! Only a limited number of commissions are available, since I want to make sure everyone receives their commission in plenty of time before Christmas, so make sure to check it out soon!

2015 Xmas Pricing

Polenta is delicious, but I imagine that most of my U.S. readers are more about the turkey and stuffing today. (Unless the stuffing was polenta stuffing… Then you could have BOTH…And it would be delicious!) Happy American Thanksgiving, southern neighbours!

Ravenia’s family IS adorable.

And, speaking of Christmas… I’ve got a bunch of new merch up for sale on TopatoCo, including two BRAND NEW shirt designs!

two new shirts

Christmas shipping deadlines are getting closer, so check them out soon if you’ve got some gamers on your Xmas list.

And, if they’ve already got more t-shirts than they can handle, then maybe you might be able to interest them in some art? I’ll be doing a Christmas Commissions sale again this year, and will be posting the details for it soon!

He ain’t annoying, he’s my brother.

No, wait. He IS annoying. But I love him anyway. :p