That Time of Year…

Christmas is coming up fast, (ok, it’s still a couple weeks away, but I’ve already got strips drawn for way past then, so it feels closer) and that leaves me with an interesting conundrum. Do I follow the standard webcomic holiday routine and post a Christmas pin-up? No, not that type of pin-up, you sickos. … Read more

Oh noes!

Poor Mark… He’s been a geek for all of ten minutes, and he’s already running for his life. Don’t worry. His day gets better. And by better, I mean far, far more amusing… In other news, my pog* and newsbox pics have both been approved! I did I little dance of joy when I saw … Read more

All Systems Go!

Hey everybody! The site’s up and ready to go, thanks to the help of the super-awesome LM. The cast page has been updated, and I love how it turned out. We’re still working on some of the other pages, so if you happen to find a broken link or something else wonky, let me know … Read more

Test Post

More soon! Watch this space!