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Pre-Orders Have Begun Shipping!

Hi folks, it’s Layne here… even though Alina has been busy preparing for Fan Expo Toronto, she had some time before she left to draw a number of the book 3 pre-orders and leave them in my (relatively) capable hands. I sent out a number of orders this week, so if you ordered your book … Read more

Please Stand By!

Alina has taken the last of her stuff to Saskatoon for a 3-month contract job, and she hasn’t had time to color the comics she drew this weekend. On top of moving right on the heels of Emerald City Comic Con, she also had to take all of her convention stuff with her for Wondercon, … Read more


I came across a story today on metaquotes [link] that made me smile, and figured that I’d share it with all of you. What was the quote, you ask? Oh, believe me, you’ll know it when you read it.  “A Small Measure of Payback” *   *   * In other news, yesterday’s The Show with Ze … Read more