Dungeon Backgrounds

January 6, 2012

This week’s sketch is a few dungeon-y backgrounds that I doodled while hanging out in the woods with some friends. The topic of tabletop RPGs had come up, and myself and the sole other gamer in the group spent about a half hour persuading a third friend that gaming was actually pretty awesome. He was quite skeptical at first, since he imagined the games as a type of non-graphical video game where the whole point was merely to smash enemies and argue about who’s character was cooler. (We both laughed, saying that we knew a few gamers who thought that too!)

But, after recounting a few D&D adventures to him, as well as a few stories about particularly scary Unknown Armies moments, he was grudgingly willing to admit that creating interesting stories with your friends might be a worthwhile pass time, after all.

What does that have to do with these sketches? Not much, but it’s a good story, and this picture reminds me of the rain tapping on the windows while we talked.


Comic Storylines

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