Friday Feature – The first Weregeek strip ever drawn

January 7, 2011

Those of you who were regulars on the forum waaaaaaay back in the Sketchbook Sunday days might remember this picture, as I posted it there. This is, as the title suggests, one of the first things ever drawn for Weregeek, and certainly the first strip I drew for the comic!

I originally had a *very* different opening sequence in mind for the first storyline. Bits of it later got worked into the chase sequenced where Joel and Mark first met up, but a lot of it ended up getting scrapped or moved to later (much, much later, as they haven’t even come up yet!) in the story. Still, for being so early in the comic, the art is strangely decent. I think I was having fun playing around with the heavy inks & high contrast panels, something I went back to for the look of the Shadowrun storylines.

So there you have it – Special Feature Fridays! I’ll be posting interesting tidbits and art each week, along with a blog post explaining just what on earth I was thinking when I drew X or Y thing. I also hope to answer some reader questions, so keep watching the blog for the chance to submit your questions!


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