At least this raccoon wears pants!*

March 7, 2014

I drew this commission AGES back, when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie had first been announced, and then promptly forgot about it and the movie in question. Then, last week, the internet seemed to explode with the squeeing of a million voices as everyone watched the trailer, and I too had to watch it and squee at the movie about a raccoon guy and a tree guy that I didn’t know I wanted to see.

Then, I remembered this drawing. I’d completely forgotten the quip I’d come up with for Rocket, but I remember thinking that the picture needed some sort of amusing captioning since it was, ostensibly, a raccoon threatening a man with a gun. Good call, past me! Way to work a Sly Cooper reference into someone’s commission!

*Seriously, Sly Cooper. What is with your universe and only the lady characters* having to wear pants?
**Except for the koala dude, who wears a diaper, which I’m going to argue doesn’t actually count as pants.


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