A Tricksy Trio

April 4, 2011

Hey everyone! Never fear, Monday has rolled around and I am still the artist here at Weregeek.com!

Those of you who read Goblins, Dork Tower and Weregeek will quickly have figured out that last Friday’s comic was a clever (?) April Fool’s Joke.

I actually feel a little bad for tricking you all like that, since it sounded like there were some very worried people who were quite sad to not be seeing my art anymore. Well, never fear! I love my comic too much to ever give it up, and I love my audience too much to ever drop something like that on you out of the blue. (Seriously, you guys are awesome. I so often feel blessed to have such a great bunch of Weregeeks as fans. ^^)

Those who follow us on Twitter may also have noticed that this is not the first time John, Tarol and I have teamed up. Those with an exceptional Spot check may even have seen reference to a special “secret’ project that we’ve been working on together. What project is that, you ask? Well… I hope to make a big announcement about it in the next few days!!

Until then, sorry for the prank, and I hope you all enjoyed seeing a different take on Mark and Joel just as much as I enjoyed the opportunity to draw Matt and Igor as Weregeeks!


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