Sketches it is!

April 8, 2011

Ok! Look like sketches won the vote, though not by a large margin. Never you fear, plot lovers, for the next chapter will take us back to a big, juicy plot that’s been hanging over our heads for a while. Those of you wondering whatever happened to the Hunter Joel captured will soon find out…

For today, though, I have a lovely sketch for you lot.

This is rather “finished” for one of my sketches, as it’s inked and prettied up, but it still started out as a sketch. Or, rather, a doodle.

You see, during the Dr. Who panel at Wondercon, the convention floor drained. (And who can blame them? It looks like it was astoundingly wonderful!) I had a bit of a lull in traffic by the table, because every sensible person was either at the panel or wishing that they were, and I decided to fill this lull by doing a little sketching.

This, coincidentally, is what happens when you give me a pen, some paper, and some spare time.

I was located across from the Steampunk-a-licious crew of Steam Crow (whose comic, Monster Commute, you really should be reading because it’s awesome). Having spent three days admiring the tiny little alchemical bottles they have for sale, I decided to draw an alchemist. A steampunk alchemist. A gryphon steampunk alchemist.

Why? Well, the clock had hit punchy-o’clock, the hour where stringing random words together and then drawing them makes perfect sense. (Really, you folks are lucky I’m not posting up a popcorn rainbow monkey bear. Like I said – it was punchy-o’clock. I cannot be held responsible for the things I draw at punchy-o’clock.)

This was the result. I’m particularly fond of the eyeballs in the jar up on the shelf, as well as the bottle of snake oil on her workbench.


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