The move is almost over!!

April 20, 2009

Hi everyone!!

If you haven’t been following the Twitter feed and were wondering what was up with Friday’s comic, I should let you know that I managed to sandwich moving apartments in between two conventions – not the smartest move, but necessary!

What does this mean? Well, for one, it took a GIANT bite out of my buffer, since weekends are usually the time when I get the bulk of the work on my comics done, and with the past three booked solid, my sweet little buffer is looking pretty threadbare. (Read: Gone. Completely. For the first time in a loooooong time!)

For another, it means that you guys are getting an uncolored comic today. It’s not as pretty and shiny as a colored comic, I know, but I was weighing my options – either run another filler strip and put of the Geek Moot storyline a little longer, (which, given how much fun you guys are having with it, and how much fun I’m having drawing it, was pretty much unthinkable!!!), or suck it up and post it in black and white.

This one will be colored (and in fact, is partially colored, but really, really not ready to go up on the site…) shortly, and when it is, I’ll just replace it on the site and in the archives. But, for now, at least you guys get the chance to look at some naked lineart! It’s kind of a behind-the-scenes thing. Yeah, that’s it…


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