May 6, 2011

By all accounts, I should hate the new My Little Pony series. For one, it’s flash animated, and I’m a huge fan of the classical cell-style animation, having studied it myself. For another, it’s not the series I grew up with and obsessed over when I was five, and remakes of such iconic childhood favorites almost universally disappoint.

But I can’t bring myself to hate this show, for some bizarre reason. It’s twee, but it’s hilariously twee. It’s flash animation, but it’s actually quite fluid flash animation. And it makes me grin like a goddamn idiot every time I watch the MLP/Dr. Horrible mashup that started my obsession with this show.  (Watch it! It may break your mind, but it is worth it!!!)

So. Yeah…. Today’s comic…

I don’t know what came over me! It was a fit of madness!! RAINBOW COLORED MADNESS!!

This was actually originally going to be just a sketch update, but I got a little carried away and it turned into a full comic, sans color. Enjoy! I’m now going to collapse and dream of silly multi-colored ponies!!!


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