The Elusive Alina, caught on tape

May 12, 2010

The guys from TGT Webcomics were kind enough to interview me last year. As I recall, it was a pretty fun time. We talked gaming, webcomics, my creative process, and more gaming. Cause they know what the really important topics are! I remember enjoying myself immensely, even if I was fairly nervous because it was one of my first interviews ever.

And so, when I saw VertigoX and his friendly neighborhood cameraman wandering the aisles at C2E2, I was more than happy to blather at them for a few minutes on tape. And, once again, I had quite a lot of fun. Even if, as I recall, their compliments were making me “die of the blushing”. See for yourself here!! And, while you’re at it, check out the plethora of other webcomic artists they interviewed at the con!!

TGT – The C2E2 Interview


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