Weregeek on TGT Webcomics

June 3, 2009

Hey guys!! I was interviewed the other night on TGT Webcomics. I want to thank Vertigo_X for being an awesome host and for letting me ramble on for a good hour or so! You can check out the podcast, in which I talk Hunters, hedgehogs, and all things Weregeek, here:

TGT Webcomics

(And I warn you – they ask the creators to give out spoilers at the end of every podcast… Though maybe that’s not a warning so much as an incentive to go listen!)

If you haven’t heard of TGT before, I gotta recommend you check them out. They have a TON of interviews up there, with a ton of different webcomic creators. Seriously – there’s some gems on there. With just a quick trawl through their past podcasts, I’ve come up with seven new webcomics to follow. So go! Check em out!!!


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