Sketch, err… Wednesday

June 1, 2011

Hey everyone! I’m posting Friday’s sketch a little bit early to give me some time to catch up after all of my recent travel. It is SO strange being back home again after three months away in Saskatchewan, capped off by a weekend down in Phoenix for Phoenix Comicon. I keep expecting to have to pack up and leave again at a moment’s notice, but am *extremely* glad that I don’t need to go anywhere.

However, while I had the most noble intentions of jumping right back into the swing of things today, the strain of travel finally caught up with me and I spent most of the day napping, unpacking, and getting used to the whole idea of being home. (I have rooms!! With my stuff in them!! And I don’t need to live out of a suitcase anymore! Oh, joy of joys!!!*)

Today’s sketch is one I did at Phoenix Comicon, hence the obligatory phoenix. Sunday was my unofficial ‘sketch day’, and I got to spend most of the day drawing people’s commissions. A few guys kept coming back and asking me to draw stranger and stranger things, which I always love. (Seriously, when else do you get the chance to draw a rabid hobbit?) Thanks for being awesome, Phoenix-ites!

And now, I go to collapse and spend a glorious, restful night in my own bed!


*Also, the hedgehogs seemed to have missed me as much as their little insectivore minds were capable. When they smelled me, they both proceeded to lick as much of my hands as they could reach. D’aww! (Also, eww.)


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