Back to the Shadows…. again

June 25, 2010

If you’re wondering what previous games Wayne is referring to in his intro, then let me toss you a few links to the previous installments of the Shadowrun storyline.

Part I (In the Shadows), Part II (Back to the Shadows)

If you’ve been with the comic for a while, then you’ll know that I LOVE drawing the group’s Shadowrun characters. Actually, scratch that. I love drawing Shadowrun characters in general. There is just something intensely fun about the mix of dark, gritty cyberpunk and wacky fantasy races. Plus, I could draw trolls all day, every day, until my hands fell off. They are just so blocky and wonderful.

And, if I wasn’t already excited enough about the prospect of being able to draw the Shadowrun storyline again, Layne has just started a brand new Shadowrun game for me and a few friends. We are essentially playing street punks who only WISH they could be slick ‘Runners like in the vids. It is hilarious, and I may have to start posting up all of the sketches I’ve done of the group.

So sit back, jack in, and let’s be off for another run through the Shadows, eh chummer?


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