Post-wedding guest week!

July 28, 2014

Hello everyone! You probably haven’t heard, since a) I was trying not to make too big a fuss about it and b) I’ve been WAY too busy with planning/driving/doing a MILLION other things in preparation to write anything about it, but this past weekend Layne and I got married! (Those of you who follow me on twitter no doubt saw all the tweets from the big day!)

It was a hobbit-themed wedding, and everything turned out wonderfully. (I may post our highly hilarious vows on the Patreon tumblr for my lovely Patrons.)

As a gift, many of my comic friends have sent me some lovely GUEST STRIPS to let me catch up from the madness. It is highly appreciated!! Thanks to my buddies for the excellent comics, and I hope you all enjoy the guest week. 🙂

* * *

This first guest strip is by my very dear friend, Luke Foster of The Center of Somewhere and Drawn Away (in which I make a brief guest appearance!).

I love the idea of Joel being afraid of sword-swallowers enough that it is now canon. I gotta figure out some way to work that into the comic now. THANKS LUKE!!!


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