Weregeek at GenCon!

August 10, 2009

Geek! Gamers! Roleplayers! Lend me your ears!!

It is time once again for that great gathering of gaming, GenCon!! I have long heard tell of the amazement held in this convention’s lofty halls, and I finally have the chance to experience it first hand!

That’s right – Weregeek will be at GenCon Indy this year! We’re in the Author’s Alley, at table L. There will be the usual assortment of geeking merchandise, from t-shirts to magnets, and most especially, copies of Book 1. Come look for us there! And, since I know most of you will be overwhelmed by the vast amount of geek swag for sale at the con, (since I know I will be!) here’s a map that should make it easier to find us in the middle of the crowds! Drop by and chat gaming with me – I look forward to seeing you guys there!!!



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