Comic still to come!

August 28, 2013

Hey everyone,

Sorry for the place-holder art! Being away for two weeks at Gen Con and Toronto Expo has eaten all of my buffer, and while I was hoping to catch up on this week’s strips on Monday, I’d forgotten that it was a) Layne’s birthday and b) the day after Layne defended his PHD thesis. (Well, not FORGOT forgot, actually – I bought him all kinds of presents and planned a big party and spent all the time while he was in his defence fretting. I just also figured I’d somehow be able to cram drawing some comics into the day as well, somehow, which I think could only be accomplished with some manner of time travel.)

I’ve got comics written for this week, but I chose to spend my Tuesday spending time with Layne (now Doctor Myhre!) instead of at my drawing table. The result is that today’s strip is currently uninked. I’ll post it as soon as the ink is dry & I’ve had some time to add the word balloons and letters! Check back later today (the 28th) for the update, and thanks for your patience and understanding! 🙂


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