Avast me hearties!!!

September 19, 2011

Well, shiver me timbers… Talk Like a Pirate Day be ‘ere again!

As is me custom, ‘ere is a bit o’ nautical witticism to get ye’ in the spirit o’ things. Some o’ ye might be sayin’, “but Cap’n Alina, ye posted this video last year”. Ye keen-eyeds dog wit’ more sense that that know that while I did link to “The Last Saskatchewan Pirate” last year, THIS be a different version, by a different band.

This may not be me favorite version of the song, (none sing it better than The Arrogant Worms, and I’ll keelhaul anyone who says otherwise!) but it be sung by a fellow Cap’n, so we’ve got ta give ’em their due. I give you, Cap’n Tractor:


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