Autumn Fun!

October 21, 2011

Happy Autumn, Weregeeks. (Or happy spring, if you’re from the southern hemisphere.) Most years, autumn doesn’t last long enough in my part of the world to really be appreciated. It’s more of a margin to fill in the space between the summer and the sudden and catastrophic arrival of winter – a few days in which the leaves change color and are gone from the trees almost immediately, as if fleeing the frost and snow which will soon lay claim to everything.

But this year has been rather nice, weather-wise. I’ve had plenty of opportunity to remember that autumn is quite a nice time of year. It’s a time to wear warm fuzzy sweaters, sip apple cider and smell that wonderfully potent tang of rotting leaves and ripe fruit that spells ‘fall’. Also, pomegranites are in season, and they’re practically my favorite fruit ever.

So, before the weather remembers that Winter is Coming, I figured I’d draw a little ode to autumn. Enjoy!


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Chapter 19