Hipster Gargoyles!

October 26, 2012

I don’t usually color my sketches, but this is less a sketch and more a peculiar fit of madness that seized me after I heard that Disney has all 3 seasons of Gargoyles available for streaming on their site.

I immediately had to watch MORE THAN A FEW episodes, and wallowed in a fit of nostalgia for the rest of the day. Sometime in the midst of that madness, the phrase ‘hipster Gargoyles’ came to mind, and I immediately had to draw that. Brooklyn, as the “coolest” of the three younger Gargoyles, was the easiest to come up with an outfit for. I’m still working on an outfit for Lexington, mostly because I can’t figure out how a shirt would work on a dude with wing-arms.

And Broadway (who is the best) is, of course, a geek. I think I have to draw him in a utilikilt and Minecraft t-shirt.


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