C4Con and color studies!

November 2, 2012

Hey Central-Canadian Weregeeks! I will be at Central Canada Comic Con (C4) this weekend! Not only will this be my very first time exhibiting in Winnipeg, it’s also my birthday on Saturday, so this will be a very special convention for me! I plan on drawing up a storm, as I just bought myself some new pens as a special early present to myself. So, if you’re coming to the con this weekend, please stop by Booth A132 in the Artist’s Alley and say hello!

* * *

After this past Halloween’s big background-heavy strip, I thought it’d be interesting to go back and look at some color studies I did over a year ago. Man, what a difference! They look okay, I guess, but I can really see how far I’ve come in that time. If I were to do it differently now, there’d be a much stronger contrast between the dark water and the bobbing lights in the first panel, as well as an overall blue-green color scheme to really sell the “enchanted forest” look. The second one would be so desaturated as to be nearly monochromatic, with just faint hints of a blue-grey in the fog. It’d also be much higher in contrast – really playing the dark of the crypt and the woods off of a thin patch of moonlight on the path.

Anyway, it just goes to show – the more you practice something, the better you get! Which reminds me, my next big challenge is to figure out how to do that lovely soft-lighting-at-dawn effect you sometimes see in anime, where even the lines of the characters are softened somehow…


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