Bucket O’ Cuteness

November 23, 2012

At Pure Spec this past weekend, I have a friend who comes every year for a commission. One year, he wanted “Something Awesome”. (I ended up drawing a raptor in space rocking out with a laser guitar while riding a unicorn. I think that fit the bill.)

This year, he asked for “Something Cute”. I cackled, because if there’s one thing I don’t need to be asked twice to draw, it’s something cute.

* * *

Also, since it’s Black Friday and I’m sure everyone sane is inside with their doors and windows barred, I thought I’d mention a less-stressful way to get one’s Christmas presents this year. Many of the Weregeek products are now being carried by Topatoco, which means cheaper shipping within the U.S., and very quick turn-around times on orders!! I believe there’s still time to make an order even if you’re an international customer, so please do check out the new venue of commerce. 🙂


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