Two Years of Weregeek!

November 24, 2008

Hey everybody!! Raise up your Slurpees and join me in celebrating Weregeek’s second year! We’ve had more Shadowrun, more gaming, drama, and a whole bunch of zombies. I’ve got plenty of stuff planned for year three, and I hope to make it even better than this past year, so stick around!

To all of the new readers out there – I’m so glad that you’ve found your way here, and I hope that you keep enjoying the new strips. And, to all of those who have been reading it for years now – I’ve gotta thank you for all of your support. Your kind emails and amusing conversations in the forums make all of the blood, sweat & elbow grease that go into every strip totally worth it. A toast, to all of you Weregeeks – new and old! Arrooooooooo!!

Oh, and just a note… Today’s anniversary strip has a few webcomic cameos snuck into it. See how many you can name. 🙂


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Chapter 09