Comic 115


August 17, 2007

I’m back!!

Man, what a whirlwind few weeks! First, there was the move, which took three days and lots and lots of help from our friends. (Thanks guys!) And then, exactly a week later, we drove for 11 hours to get to a remote lake in Northern Saskatchewan so that we could finally relax and enjoy the first bit of vacation time I’ve had in a while. We canoed, did a little fishing, and managed to find the biggest patch of wild blueberries I’ve ever seen. And, even better, we did not get eaten by bears.

The vacation was a much needed break, but now that I’m back I can’t slack off too much. The move and the vacation have pretty much cleaned out the ol’ buffer, and there’s a ton of extras for the page that I want to get working on. You know, so that I’ll actually have something up on the Extras page, for instance. There’s also the D&D group picture for the forum gamers that I’m sure people are itching to see.

Back to work for me!


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