Comic 165

Chimaera Fun Facts

December 17, 2007

Wow, you guys did it again!! The donation meter* topped out over the weekend, which means that there will be an extra strip this Saturday!! In honor of this event, (and because they’re really fun to draw) I hereby proclaim it Chimera Week!

That’s right – this week’s theme is the mysterious, three-headed (usually) Chaotic Evil beast. Did you know that the dragon head of the chimera comes in five colors, and that the color of the head denotes its breath weapon? It’s true!

: Line of Acid (Not actually what it sounds like!)
Line of Lightning (May be more jaggedy than advertised…)
Green: Cone of Gas (Again, not actually what it sounds like. This is a breath weapon, after all….)
Red: Cone of Fire (As opposed to the more traditional ring)
White: Cone of Frost (Infinitely more lethal that the Cone of Snow)

*I’m still working my way through a mass of emails (wow, you guys are incredible! I feel loved!), so I might have missed a donation or two. Things should be straightened out by midweek, once the pre-Christmas crunch is over. Thanks for sticking with me!


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