Comic 169

Bonus Strip Tomorrow!

December 21, 2007

A friend of mine had the amazing ability to come up with the most daring, risky, and just plain crazy plans when things were really on the line in a game. That’s not that impressive, since crazy plans are something gamers do naturally. No, the amazing part was that when he came up with these crazy, impossible plans, they worked. He could ace the one roll that mattered, crit the one time that nothing but a crit would do, and just generally make the rest of the gaming group gasp in delight and wonder.

Clearly, Abbie has that same ability. But can she roll like he does??

And now, a Chimaera poem, for Chimaera week! Remember, the week’s not over yet!! Come back tomorrow for the Saturday strip!

Lucretius, ibid,, book 5.
….. Once again, since flame
Is wont to scorch and burn the tawny bulks
Of the great lions as much as other kinds
Of flesh and blood existing in the lands,
How could it be that she, Chimaera lone,
With triple body- fore, a lion she;
And aft, a dragon; and betwixt, a goat-
Might at the mouth from out the body belch
Infuriate flame?


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