Comic 49

Fire, Snow, and Spring

March 21, 2007

March 21st. The first day of Spring. So why is it that there’s 4cm of new snow on the ground? Oh, right. I live in Saskatchewan. Boo…

My office smells slighty of char this morning. Apparently, there was a fire at the studio last night!* A bulb burst late in the evening in a set no one was in, but had been left set up for the directors to check, and the sparks from the bulb caught one of the lighting gels on fire. It burned along merrily, spitting molten bits of flaming plastic down onto the set until someone smelled it and came to the rescue with a fire extinguisher.

The set in question was right next to my office, and I can hear the directors outside right now trying to figure out if they can salvage the set. It’s not burned too badly, but there’s slags of plastic bonded to many of the prop pieces, and a rather large scorch mark on the floor. Yikes!

* * *

This Friday will mark strip #50! Yay! It’ll also, strangely, be the first daytime strip.

*For those of you who are wondering, since I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it or not… I work on a stop-motion animated kid’s show when I’m not comicking. I do VFX for the show – removing wires and rigs on the characters, adding in backgrounds to bluescreen shots, and making the occasional explosion or blizzard. It’s tons of fun!


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