Comic 68

Free Comic Book Day!

May 2, 2007

This Saturday is a big day. Aside from being Cinco de Mayo, it is also a day that geeks look forward to all year – Free Comic Book Day!

I imagine I’m preaching to the choir here, but if you’ve never heard of Free Comic Book Day, let me tell you how cool it is. On Saturday, find a store near you [link], go in, and there’ll be a huge selection of free comics to choose from. The big publishers put out a bunch of stuff, but the real gold is the free comics you get from small publishers, or better yet, from webcomics! Free Comic Book Day is what got me hooked on The Dreamland Chronicles [link]. ComicGenesis has put together something for FCBD as well, so

But that’s not all. Apparently, May 5th is -also- Online Comics Day! [link] This year’s theme is “How are you spreading the word?” and the whole event focuses on getting new people interested in webcomics. Time will dictate if I can participate in this with a special Saturday update, but for now, this is how I’m spreading the word – by getting you all to spread it for me. 🙂 Go forth, oh geeky legions! Tell the world that the internet has comics, and that they are good!


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