Comic 91

Browncoats Day

June 23, 2007

I imagine, if you clever folks all made your spot checks, that you’ve noticed some changes around here.

First off, the new site design is up and running! I think it looks pretty shiny. There’s a brand-new links page, and there’s actually stuff up on the extras page now! There’ll be a bunch more content coming in the next few days, so keep checking back.

Secondly, today is June 23rd. Those of you not familar with the awesomeness that is Firefly may be wondering what in the gorram hell is goin’ on with today’s comic, which clearly isn’t a part of the current storyline. Well, tough. Today’s strip is purely for the Browncoats out there. ;P (Besides, Dustin and Abbie both needed a little screen time…)

Go out, find yourself a screening of the Serenity movie [link], or just curl up at home with some DVDs of the first season and enjoy. Oh, and wish Joss Whedon a happy birthday while you’re at it.


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