Mark is a relatively ordinary guy who is still coming to terms with his geekiness. He seems very straight-laced, but is inexplicably drawn to his newfound hobbies. He often considers new games and activities to be “too weird” at first, but invariably grows to love them. Mark is always geeking out over his latest craze, but continues to deny that he is a “geek”.

Quote: “People actually DO stuff like this???”

Sarah is a tiny, soft-spoken geek-girl who adores romantic fiction. She absolutely loves costuming for LARPs or cosplay, and is a huge fan of shojo manga. Although she is very quiet and introverted most of the time, she loves the drama of LARPing, and tends to play very bold and extroverted characters. Sarah usually comes off as shy, but she has a nasty temper and turns into a raging terror when angered.

Quote: “I know vampires are kind of passe right now, but… OH! True Blood is on!!”

Dustin is the stereotypical “big lovable guy”. Sensitive but insecure, he’s fiercely loyal to his friends, and always loves having ‘the gang’ over to play games and generally geek out. He often mixes obscure literary quotes with sci-fi humor. Dustin is a major Star Wars/Trek geek and owns both a lightsaber AND a bat’leth. He also still cries over the ending of Episode Three.

Quote: “Adventure? Excitement?! A Jedi TOTALLY craves these things!”

Joel is a sour, sardonic guy who takes his geeking very seriously. He has a serious addiction to computer games, and often goes days on end without sleeping. However, Joel is selective about his hobbies, and scoffs at “dorky” activities like cosplay, blogging, anime, boffer LARPs, or Trek fandom. He’s very hardcore about his gaming, but thinks of what he does as more acceptable and “Cool”.

Quote: “God, fanzines are so frickin’ lame! So, are you in for D&D tonight?”

Abbie is a total fangirl. She loves her comic books, and dreams of drawing her own one day. She’s the most athletic of the group, which isn’t surprising, considering that she’s always running around like a ferret on Jolt Cola. A friend of Sarah’s since high-school drama class, she always considered Sarah’s weekly D&D game too geeky for her until she found out that she could play an elven ninja, and has been hooked ever since.

Quote: “SQUEEE!!! jumps around spastically and knocks something over

The Hunter is a mysterious villain in a trenchcoat and a hat who belongs to a shadowy organization of geek Hunters. They have sworn to hunt down Geeks, although their motives are a mystery…

Jess is Mark’s girlfriend. She’s very much NOT a Geek, and she wears a lot of pink, but she’s generally quite nice. Mark worries about how she will respond to his secret Geeky lifestyle.

Talking Guy is a stereotypically overenthusiastic gamer guy. He talks a LOT, hence his nickname.

Despite his rather imposing appearance and penchant for tattoos and piercings, anyone who knows Darren knows that he’s just a big puppy dog. He often hangs out with Katie at the local Goth club, The Velvet Despair.

Katie is an indie-chick who has a lot of piercings and wears a lot of pirate-themed clothes. She hangs out with the gamers at the Dragon’s Lair although she’s rather new to Geekdom.

The owner of The Velvet Despair, Victor is a goth’s goth. Known for his outlandish fashion sense and sardonic wit, he’s friends with Abbie and Sarah, who both frequent the club.

Ned runs the local gaming store, the Dragon’s Lair. He’s tired, old, grumpy, and often tells stories of the old days “when games were GOOD”, whether his customers like it or not.