Watch for spikes!!

January 12, 2012

If there’s one piece of advice I can give regarding dancing at the goth club, it’s to watch out for all of the sharp bits. I can think of few dance floors that are more hazardous than a goth club on foam night…

I actually had to stop wearing my really awesome spiked bracers because I’d forget about them while dancing and nearly take out my own eyes, or go to hug one of my friends and gouge them in the spine. And, in one particularly painful incident, I managed to crack my funnybone against a nearby dancer’s spiky shoulder piece. Owwwww!!!

Thankfully, I’ve never danced with anyone skinny enough that their mere flesh was a hazard, but I *did* lift Ravenia’s description from one of my RL friends, who described her dancing partner rather similarly.


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