Behind the Scenes

January 13, 2012

I had someone ask recently whether or not I sketched out the panels before I drew them, and so decided to scan in some of my thumbnails.

As you can see from the bottom two drawings, the sketches I do before I draw a comic are VERY rough. They are really just to work out the different character’s placements, as well as to rough in a background. I also rough in where the word balloons will go, since I add them once the picture’s been drawn and scanned in. See if you can guess which two strips these thumbnails belong to!

The image at the top is not a thumbnail, as you can probably guess. It’s more of a joke, actually. You see, while at a friend’s wedding this past fall, there were several comic-y type people in attendance, and as happens when artsy folks all get together, we all wound up sketching together. Mostly, we were drawing random caricatures, but since one of the guys wasn’t overly familiar with my strip, he asked me to sum it up in three panels and about 10 minutes.

This “comic” is the result. I still think it’s pretty hilarious, if only because it makes no sense at all!


Comic Storylines

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