Steel Dice

January 19, 2011

Ahh, steel dice. They are the badasses of dice-kind. They trash their way through dice bags and wooden tables with equal disdain, and if you’ve ever had the misfortune to step on a mere plastic dice in the dark, then you would do well to fear the same from a tiny chunk of solid metal!! I know of many a DM who have banned players from using steel dice in order to preserve their tables, the finish on their floors, the player’s feet, and the noggins of any pets in the home.

But they look SO COOL. I mean – STEEL dice! STEEL!!

That being said, if I ever invest in a really fancy set of dice, I think I’ll go for something a little less deadly. Bone, maybe, or malachite, because I know that eventually, one of those suckers is going to end up right in the pad of my foot!


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