Geek Stink

January 26, 2009

No offense meant to the good, clean, geeky people out there. But you and I both know that there are geeks out there who have a less than stunning record of self-hygiene. And, at any place where geeks gather, whether it be at a massive convention or at the backroom of your local gaming parlor, so too does Geek Stink. You know it. You’ve smelt it. Perhaps you’re even one of those who, on occasion, had smelt of it.

My friend recently sent me the ultimate cure for geek stink – homemade soap, with a d20 embedded in the center. You don’t get the d20 until you’ve washed away all the soap. (The instructions clearly stated – no cheating by simply leaving it in water to dissolve. You gotta use the soap, or you don’t get the +1 to your charisma.)

I can just see the commercials now…

Geek Stink – don’t let it happen to you. Get Geek Soap, Instead!!


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